Festival ad Alta Intensità Antifascista – 1st Sept 2019

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Raccontare in poche righe il Festival ad Alta Intensità Antifascista sarebbe estremamente difficile. Sono stati due giorni veramente intensi, dove persone diversissime hanno condiviso idee e pensieri e sogni per un’Italia diversa, migliore, dove non esistono esclusioni. Dove ogni persona è rispettata, dove lo Stato è al servizio di tutti e non solo per alcuni.

Lo abbiamo già scritto più volte: siamo orgogliosi di aver partecipato suonando le nostre idee, la nostra voglia di vivere e i desideri per il mondo dei nostri figli.

Il ricordo del nostro live, preceduto dal punk hardcore dei The Green Bengala, rimane vivo grazie alle foto di Federico.

Talking about the Festival ad Alta Intensità Antifascista in a few lines could be extremely difficult. Two really intense days, where very different people shared ideas and thoughts and dreams for a different, better Italy: a country where people can be accepted without exclusions. Where every person is respected, where the State is at the service of all and not just for some.

We have already written several times: we are proud to have participated playing our ideas, our desire to live, and our dreams for the world of our children.

The memory of our live, preceded by the hardcore punk of The Green Bengala, remains alive thanks to Federico’s photos.

Rock in Rolo 2019 – A perfect experience

Yesterday night we performed live in the perfect setting of the 11th edition of Rock in Rolo: great sounds (thanks Gaia!), wonderful people, special homemade food.

We hope to have the chance to repeat the experience next year.

Little curiosity: we solved the escape room in 12’32”, the record of the evening.

Pics by Federico

Local heroes, great show

Dear all, yesterday evening we performed our last live show at Circolo Mattatoio. A great experience: we’d like to thank Gaia, the sound engineer, for the perfect work on our sounds; the whole Mattatoio’s staff for their kindness; other groups for their powerful live shows.

We’re stopping performing live for some month, back in practice room to compose and to experiment.

See you soon and keep in touch

Ekidna, a perfect place

Dear all, last night we played in a perfect concert room: Ekidna. We’ve been able to performe our music with brightness and loudness as never done before. Thanks to Andrea for making this possible.

Mattia, the photographer of the band, was not there, so no pics can testimony the show: it will remain in our memories and hears only.

We must thank other bands: Tristan Da Cunha, from Pavia, and Il Maltempo, from Ferrara. They play completely different sounds, listening was so amazing!

We’re waiting for next gig in Carpi at Mattatoio Culture Club.

Keep in touch