A little schedule change

Next Saturday, Radar 5:11 will play a gig at Casbah Club in Pegognaga (MN).

Firstly WOOOZ was announced as the other band sharing the stage with us. Because of some organisation problem, WOOOZ can’t play with us (sigh!). We’re sure we’ll have a second (and a third…) chance to play with our friends.

Fortunately, the show is safe: Donowitz, a garage rock band from Reggio Emilia, will be there!


We must protest inaction on climate change

Some of Radar’s players have children. All of us are aware of the planet devastation that climate change has started.

Climate change is a human responsibility. It’s human responsibility to stop it for next generations. For our children and grandchildren.

That’s why we decided to support Greta Thunberg’s fight. And you should too.

“Because if climate change has to stop, then we must stop it. It is black and white. There are no grey areas when it comes to survival. Either we continue as a civilisation or we don’t. One way or another, we have to change.”

In next months, EU parliament will be renewed: we must push politicians and scientists to do something to stop global warming.

Follow Greta, all of us have a lot to learn from her determination:

Shop is OPEN!

Dear all, some of our listeners asked for merch stuff. So we decided to open an online store for shirts with our personal artworks.
You can find them here. A discount code will be given away to people coming to Radar’s live shows.

Stay tuned with us, more stuff are coming!